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Construction Management - Construction Operations Planning - Construction Methods and procedures Development - Field Management -  Field Staffing - Construction Site Management - Claims Documentation - Claims Negotiations and Collection - Engineering

HISTORY: By 1992 JGL had developed a reputation for simplifying and completing technically difficult projects.  JGLs ability to develop innovative and cost effective methods and procedures attracted the attention of other general contractors. JGL was contracted by Boston Graving Dock,  Inc., to oversee the Blyman Bridge in Gloucester, Massachusetts, for the Mass Highway Department.  JGL developed and implemented an operation plan that successfully turned the project around to the satisfaction of the general contractor and the owner. The success of this project stimulated requests for services from other general contractors.  This resulted in the formation of the construction management and engineering division.

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   J.G. Leone Enterprises provided Construction management services to E. J. Smith of Stoughton, Massachusetts, who was contracted by Healy/Modern Continental Joint Venture to install sludge pipes within the Inter-Island Tunnel, Boston, Massachusetts.  JGL developed and executed a method and plan to install 12 ductile iron pipe on the wall of a 5 mile sewer tunnel running from Deer Island to Quincy, Massachusetts. JGL directed the design of a hydraulically operated arm attached to a tunnel locomotive which unloaded and installed the tight-on pipe. The pipe was delivered to the work area by railcar. JGL provided field supervision to direct and expedite the installation of 12 miles of pipe within the tunnel. The project was completed for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority in 1995.



J. G. Leone Enterprises provided construction management services on the" Blyman Bridge Project" for Boston Graving Dock, Inc., owned by J. M. Cashman Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts. ( click on pictures above)  JGL was contracted to develop and execute a plan to lift the 800- ton double bascule bridge off of its foundations and rebuild it. JGL directed the design and installation of an innovative lifting system to raise the existing bridge 32 feet in the air so that the foundations and roll girders could be rebuilt while allowing boat traffic to pass under the fixed drawbridge. The work involved lifting the bridge with adjustable rods passing through hollow core jacks secured to lifting towers on top of a dihedral truss built to carry the weight of the bridge. The project required the development of special machining techniques to machine the built up laminated roll girders in place. The project was completed for the Massachusetts Highway Department in 1993.

DIVISION MANAGEMENT: The construction management and engineering division has been directed by Joseph G. Leone since its formation in 1992.



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